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Kharagpur, the so called Railway City of West Bengal, is his birth place. He came of a Bramhin family in 1972. His father was an employee of Indian Railway while his mother was a complete homemaker. He had his primary education in Rashiklal Vidyaniketan. Later on he was admitted in Atulmoni Poly Technic Higher Secondary School.

He had passed Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Examination from the same school i.e S.E.Rly Boys’ H. S. School, Kharagpur. After that he had graduated himself in sanaskrit (Hons) from CMJ University.

In his early life he was an atheist. He has come to this Astrological world because of his natural instinct to look-into any matter with logic and general wisdom. As soon as he step in to the world of Astrology he got many success and in 1994 he became a Professional Astrologer after registering his name in Astrological Research Project (Kolkata).

He had got the title ”Jyotish Devagyo” from Shukracharya Academy (Delhi). All India Federation of Astrologers Society awarded him with the title ”Vastu Ratna”.

Sri Sanjib Maharaj was his Diksha Guru. His kulodevota goddess ”Kali” is worshipped in his own home every year in the Festival of Light.

He used to go to perform ”Hom & Hawan” for the welfare of his countless client. Many of his clients witnessed his spritual power. This Astrologer also learnt Reiki Healing (Touch & Distance) from Shipra Basu to Devote himself in the service of humanity.

He is none other than our respectable and adorable Amit Chakraborty who is popular as Amitsree.



To some great extent, astrology can change our life but only where the right remedy is given which may be either Tantra - Mantra or Gemstones. I strongly believe that there are only two things that exist in the whole universe : 1) vibration/sound and 2) energy, which is scientifically also true. Mantras are nothing but vibrations of different kinds. And Gemstones provide cosmic energy through their divine rays which is required by every individual. I spent many years in detailed research and study of Astrology, Numerology, Gem-therapy, Tantras and Mantras etc. My motto was to solve the problems being faced by the people in different walks of life. I have started providing astro-consultation solving the problems with numerous correct prediction.