Terms And Conditions


  • Bookings are scheduled on daily, weekly and monthly basis. A client may request for a cleaning schedule at least 3 hours before the desired time but will be subject for checking upon the ladies’ availability. For a hassle-free schedule, we encourage bookings to be made a day prior to the desired date and time.
  • We require a minimum of 4 cleaning hours per booking for only 35 AED per hour. The hourly rate applies for each lady cleaner. If, by instance, the area requires more than one lady, then the 35 AED hourly rate will be multiplied by the number of ladies.
  • Pre-assessment on the phone is conducted by our customer-service representatives to estimate how many lady cleaners are required for each client’s area. This is done to assure quality cleaning. If the actual area requires the need to add more ladies, or requires to extend more time, the client shall be informed.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, we encourage clients to provide list of tasks that they would like to be covered.
  • Cleaning equipment and materials play a big role in cleaning. A client is expected to provide all these unless stated beforehand that they do not have. Cleanex may also provide these for a reasonable additional cost. Clients understand that the initial rate quoted on the phone is only cleaning rate and excludes additional fees and costs for extra cleaning services and cleaning materials.
  • All cleaning materials, chemicals and equipment must be safe to use and operate. Cleanex has the full rights to terminate services even before completion of agreed hours if the materials, chemicals and equipment provided by the clients are unsafe to use. We also have the right to discontinue if there is water or electrical interruption that may cause inefficiency in rendering cleaning services.
  • Cleanex values clients with utmost respect. We also expect the same from clients. For inevitable circumstances that the client verbally or physically harasses the cleaner or vice versa, services will be automatically terminated and legal action will be filed.
  • Cleanex reserves the right to suspend services if payments are not prompt.


  • Full payment is required after completion of work. Official receipt voucher will be issued for document purposes.
  • All payments must be made in UAE Dirhams.
  • Payment Options are as follows:
  • a. Cash payment. Must be handed to the cleaner after the completion of work.
  • b. Bank Deposit. Must be completed within 24 hours after completion of work.
  • c. Dated Cheque. Must be handed to the cleaner or delivered to the office promptly. Details are listed below:
    • Account Name:
    • Account No:
    • Bank Name:
    • Branch Address/Country:
    • Routing Code:
    • IBAN No:
    • Swift Code:
    • 11238775920001
    • ADCB Branch: Al Qusais
    • Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE
    • 600310101
    • AE130030011238775920001
  • d. Debit or Credit Card. This can be done over the phone or via website upon booking. If payments are made by credit card, surcharge applies. Cleanex will never share credit card information to any third party companies. We follow confidentiality policies to ensure security of our client’s account information.


  • To ensure satisfaction and security of valuables, we highly encourage presence of clients for the entire duration of the service. Our highly trained staff will do everything to meet client’s utmost cleaning expectations within the given time frame. Rest assured that all of the client’s belongings and valu ables will be intact and untouched. We take pride in delivering our services with all honesty and integrity.
  • All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed before commencement of service. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewelry, items of sentimental value, art and antiques. In the proven instance of key loss, breakage or damage, appropriate refunds will be processed.
  • We encourage all our clients to do inventory check before and after the cleaning service. If after service check is to be done, it must be done at the earliest of not beyond 24 hours.
  • In the instance of dissatisfaction, a client may always file a complaint. Please know we only entertain complaints submitted within 24 hours after completion of work. Clients need to contact one of our customer-service representatives by phone, WhatsApp or email, and we’d be happy to address concerns. We will address all accordingly and appropriately.


  • Client may cancel booked services 24 hours prior the scheduled time. In this instance, client must pay a cancellation fee which is 50% of the quoted service fee.
  • Grounds for cancellation are as follows:
    • Client’s personal request of cancellation no matter what the reason is.
    • Client requests to discontinue the service even if the cleaning staff is already at the area.
    • Client cancels the schedule less than 24 hours of the scheduled time.
    • If there is no one in the house or area during the scheduled time. Staff will wait for a maximum of 30minutes. If there is still no one, staff will leave the premise and a cancellation fee will be charged to the client.
    • If there is water and electricity interruption and the service has to discontinue.
  • In the event that the client has a deposit amount with Cleanex, then a cancellation has taken place, the cancellation fee will then be automatically¬ deducted to the deposit amount.