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VVinspirer strategy determines corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach CSR is well established within our overall strategy of sustained growth whilst providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

Giving back to Society

  1. Our Endeavour is to ensure participation in social responsible manner where while carrying business operations, we work in tandem to support society back.
  2. We undertake activities like supporting girl child education, old age homes, under privileged getting support, ensuring employment of people with special needs etc.
  3. We undertake these activities only after identification analysis of need based programs and also do follow up measures to see progress on these programs being supported.

Our performance

  1. Our people are instrumental to our success; we respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business. We base our relationship with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and seek to create a positive, open working environment wherever we operate.

Acting responsibly

  1. Adopting responsible practices across our global operations, with particular focus on four core areas (Our people, Wellbeing, Responsible sourcing and the Environment), places CR at the heart of our business practices and customer proposition.
  2. Our aim is to continuously improve the positive contribution we make through the delivery of our services by the responsible use of resources, the health and wellbeing of our consumers and employees and the employment opportunities that we create in local communities. As a result, V inspirer is more cost efficient with a strong corporate reputation, which benefits all our stakeholders.
  3. We operate in diverse markets, each with different CR opportunities and challenges. To promote positive change in our performance across these markets, we are progressively embedding CR practices using our Small Steps, Big Difference framework, which clearly defines the steps we wish our businesses to implement along their CR journey.

Our five key focus areas are

  1. Attract: recruit the right people, in the right way and reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work.
  2. Retain: having the right rewards and benefits and work environment for people to want to stay with us.
  3. Develop: ensuring that people have the right skills to do their job and develop careers with us.
  4. Engage: connecting all our people to our goals, motivating them to achieve them and recognizing their achievements.
  5. Perform: having the processes in place to measure and continually improve individual performance.

Employee diversity

  1. We value the diversity of our people and strongly believe that the more our people reflect the diversity of our clients and consumers, the better equipped we are to service their needs. We base our relationship with employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and seek to create a positive, open working environment wherever we operate.