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Why Us

  1. V Inspirer exponential growth & infrastructure the robust mechanism of the organization. We have very strong presence in PAN India. The following practices differentiate V Inspirer from Others:
  2. V inspirer Team is Leaded Experts of Facility Industry.
  3. The company operates with all statutory & administrative licenses i.e. PSARA, CLI, PF,ESI,ST etc.
  4. The basic & customized training is imparted as per stated guidelines in our Training academies & on site.
  5. We encourage that all the personnel are to be interviewed & Selected by the Client to avoid any disconnect on quality of manpower.
  6. The company provides accommodation & food during training and accommodation afterwards, which controls the attrition and brings in stability.

  1. The career path is defined for personnel which gives them opportunity to grow with in organization.
  2. All the grievance pertaining to salaries and other HR issues are directed to dedicated HR staff as SPOCs for each site.
  3. There is 24*7 control room which directs the Mobile control room team ( Patrolling Vehicle) to address any exigency.
  4. Web based help desk, which provides a unique compliant id and submit closure report of the same. Automatic escalation in case of delay in closure of compliant.

  5. V Inspirer conduct & share dip-stick survey report with client , which gives insight of service level.
  6. Very strong networking & Liaison with Local Police/ Administration for all necessary requirements.

  1. Very strong networking & Liaison with Local Police/ Administration for all necessary requirements.
  2. V Inspirer deploy 100% staff with Police verification certificate, which covers for all external/internal risks.
  3. One Senior point of contact i.e. Key Account Manager is deployed for every client which is capable of taking all the decisions on behalf of V Inspirer to meet service levels and mitigate any exigency.
  4. All the processes and policies are well defined and executed by trained staff.
  5. Director level meeting are conducted monthly for better simulation and deliverance on ground.